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About Us

Dreams & ideas alone won’t bring success. They are worthless until you act upon them.

Introducing, Laloowoodhunts.com which would not only serve as a platform for the aspiring & established talents but also as a big source to the film makers to search & view our database. This platform will offer you the right guidance to channelize your hidden talent & creativity to achieve your dream destination.

Laloowoodhunts.com is an up-coming portal which will be providing quality talent for motion pictures, television, ads, etc. to fulfill the demand of film makers. It will act as a bridge between talents & film makers by introducing them to each other besides promoting them.

We are a team of professionals who are working for you, so that you can achieve what you always wanted to be. We encourage your creativity & provide guidance in full measure to minimize the struggle.

The aspiring talents get required information and directions so that they excel in their endeavors, achieve all their goals and thus enjoy life. We also help, support & inspire the aspiring talents to fulfill their awaited dreams which they have always wanted to come true.

At Laloowoodhunts.com, we are proud that we specialize in "Multi - Talent" which will make a significant impact on cinema production in Bihar by fulfilling the demand & supply of artists. It will automatically lead us to the service of the Bhojpuri film industry as well as the artist.

To elaborate the idea, we provide a platform to artists & film makers to promote their talent & movies to audiences worldwide.


There is nothing for free in life; either we can pay the price or regret later. Success is like a soup. Even if you have the right recipe, it is not going to work until the ingredients are in right proportion & of the best quality. Also, the soup should not be over or under cooked.

Together with artists & film makers, we will build a structure that will serve as a successful landmark in the future.


To promote Bhojpuri cinema by creating a bridge between the film makers and aspiring talents besides promoting them.