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Ketaki Walse

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Profile Details
Portfolio views : 4447
Languages Known : English,Gujrati,Hindi,Marathi,Punjabi,
Description : My ambition is to be successful in the world of cinema.
I believe in being a strong woman of today and tomorrow. A self-trained versatile dancer in Bollywood style, Classical, Lavani, Garba, Bhangra, Hip-Hop, Ballet, Waltz, Contemporary, Jazz, Salsa, African style, Belly Dancing, etc.
I also write songs / poems and practise singing them.
Yet, I am a spiritual and religious person too. In today's world, the origin of Indian spirituality and family values is diminishing. I feel everybody has a role to play,
So I shall play mine to the best of my ability!
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Experience :
  • Winner of Boogie Woogie Canada 2009 & Bollywood Dance Challenge 2004. Miss India Canada 2009 top 16 finalists.
  • I feel a sense of duty to represent the Indian heritage that has been an origin of art and wisdom.
  • Art is not only my passion, but it depicts my purpose in life.
  • Academically, attaining scholarships has heightened my optimism and it's a way to transcend my dreams in reality,
  • I believe dreams only come true, when you work your way through!
Age : 30

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